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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Release Date Status: Specs, Design, Leaks, Rumors and Everything We Know So Far



The iPhone 14 Pro from Apple is expected to be the phone that shakes up the iPhone line by possibly having a design that is very different from the iPhone 13 Pro. So far, the rumours have hinted at everything from the end of the notch to the return of Touch ID.

This is probably long overdue, since the iPhone 13 Pro, as good as it is, isn’t a clear step up from its predecessor. Since the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone hasn’t made a big step forward in general.

iPhone 14 Pro Rumores

iPhone 14 Pro Release Date

Based on what we’ve heard so far, we think the iPhone 14 range will come out on September 13.

After that, we can expect to be able to pre-order the iPhone 14 range on September 16, the Friday after Apple’s event. The phones will likely come out a week later, on September 23. This would be 10 days after the event Apple was said to be holding.

Mostly dependable leaker Leaks ApplePro has said that the prices of three of the four iPhone 14 models are likely to go up, but this is just a rumour. But it’s a rumour that a lot of people believe, as a later report also says an iPhone 14 Pro price increase is coming.

Supposedly, the iPhone 14 Pro would start at $1,099, which is $100 more than the iPhone 13 Pro, which costs $999. And the iPhone 14 Pro Max could go up by the same amount, to $1,199. This fairly big jump in price at launch would hurt anyone’s wallet who wanted to buy a high-end next-generation iPhone 14.

Check out our early look at the differences between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro to see how the Pro line will be different from the regular iPhone and maybe explain why it costs more.

Also, when a new iPhone comes out, it’s often the end of the line for older iPhones. The iPhone 13 mini seems like the most likely phone to be cut from Apple’s lineup of smartphones. So, we’ve looked into which iPhones might be phased out when the iPhone 14 comes out.

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iPhone 14 Pro Design Information

No Notch, But Pill Hole Design

Reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, says that Apple will get rid of the notch starting with the high-end iPhone 14 Pro in 2022. The “pill hole” will replace the “notch” on the iPhone 14. Apple will not just use a hole-punch cutout like many Android phones do. Instead, it will use a hole-punch cutout and a pill-shaped cutout.

No Touch ID

Kuo says that Apple’s work to add Touch ID to the iPhone’s screen has made “lower than expected development progress.” Apple could also take a less ambitious route and put Touch ID in the iPhone’s power button, like it does on the iPad Air and iPad mini. But Touch ID is not likely to be a part of the iPhone 14 this year.

Biggest Camera Update In Years (Camera Bump Still Exist)

Kuo says that the front-facing camera on the iPhone 14 will also be greatly improved. The auto-focus features of the front-facing camera will be changed the most. It’s not clear what else is going on, but the front-facing iPhone camera has a long way to go before it can catch up to the camera on the back.

Kuo says that the rear cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be upgraded to 48 megapixels, up from the iPhone 12’s 12-megapixel sensor.

Still Lightning

Reports have said for several years that Apple could make an iPhone without ports. This iPhone would not have a Lightning port. Instead, it would be completely wireless. It was said that this would happen in 2021, but that didn’t happen.

It’s said that Apple is still testing an iPhone with no ports, but it’s still a few years away. In fact, most people think that Apple will switch to USB-C in 2023. But this year’s iPhone 14 will still use Lightning.

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