Apple Continues Fixing Up IOS 13’s Bugs


Earlier this week, Apple alerted clients that third-party keyboards on iOS 13 could obtain”full access” and transfer data over the internet even without user permission, and now the company has released an update to fix it.

IOS 13.1.1 is rolling out today, and along with patching up the third party computer keyboard issue, it features a fix for clients who might’ve experienced faster-than-normal battery drain after upgrading to iOS 13.

The 13.1.1 release also resolves”issues that could stop iPhone from restoring from backup,” enhances Siri recognition on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Guru Max, also fixes a bug that could’ve led to slow loading in Reminders.


IOS 13.1.1 is Apple’s latest effort to address the bugginess of its most recent major software release. However, other issues remain. Airplane mode or data is not enough to fix it; only powering off and on the phone again gets things.

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