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Here Are The Apex Legends Patch Notes

Here Are The Apex Legends Patch Notes

New Legend Seer – The perfect choice for players who want to keep track of their enemies. New Legends join the Apex game in Season 10, and each brings a unique set of skills to the battlefield.  

Its passive ability as a heart seeker allows players to hear the heartbeat of enemies through the sighting device, even if they do not have a weapon in their hands. 

The Seer can follow the heartbeat of the enemy through the aiming sight of the weapon. When aiming a weapon, the Seer can hear and visualize the heartbeat of enemies.   

When Seer targets the sight of a weapon, they will be able to hear and visualize the heartbeat of their enemies within 75 meters. 

The ultimate capability is demonstrated by creating a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving from within or firing their weapons. 

Players can reveal the traces of enemies who move and fire their weapons into the spheres of the microdrone by using seers to demonstrate this ability.  

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This season, there have been many changes, including changes to the care package and a whole new class. Weapon changes take effect when Arena is ranked. The Arena Leaderboard will be added tomorrow, and it will be a 3v3 PvP game mode where players will push to their limits to reach higher ranks.  

Seer Is Here

Seer is a new legend that will be able to locate and track enemies using advanced micro-drones and Rampage and LMG, a new weapon with a lower gun speed to offset the ability to use thrashed grenades more powerful ammunition. 

Sniper Stocks

Regarding sniper stocks, rifles will start picking sniper stock when season 10 begins instead of standard stores.  

Emergence update is out tomorrow, and fans can look forward to lots of new content. The tenth season of Apex Legends Emergence is upon us, bringing many character, weapon, and card changes. 

The trailer features several new rifles, charms, holosprays, banners, and rifle skins, and you can see the reward levels for the Emergence Battle Pass on the Apex Legends website.  

Apex Legends Patch Notes

The world has received its tenth seasonal update today, and it is evolving into a major one. The Apex Legends Patch notes release significant updates at the beginning of each new season. 

They have revealed the ability to add new characters, new maps and that each season will be interrupted with more minor updates so we’ll keep you posted. 

There will be significant and minor changes to keep things fresh for the future, and patch notes will give an insight into the Apex Legends Arena mode as the game moves towards a format different from the Battle Royale games.    

Since season 9, we have had a small patch to balance the weapons, but there was some bad news for the Spitfire and the new Bocek Bow.  


As a care package, the Spitfire will return to its pre-nervous state, and the alternator equipped with a disruptor rounds out a dangerous hop-up that was added in season 2 and removed in season 3 but is still as powerful as it was ever. Distribute LMG Damage Multipliers on the Eva-8 Shotgun and Prowler in Burst-Fire mode.    

Players can expect several bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and various upgrades to Legends weapons. While patch notes for the new season are not available, we summarize the significant changes available in this update. 

Fans can look forward to new updates to World of Edge, Rampage, LMG, Ranked Arena, weapon upgrades to Legends, and other quality-of-life changes.   

Full Patch notes

We talked a little about the Seer changes coming with the latest version of Emergence to Apex Legends, and now we have released the full patch notes for the 10th season game update. 

We expect a complete list of patch notes and balance changes to drop with the new season. In this guide, we will break down some of the new features that came to the game today with the Season 10 patch, in addition to the changes that you can customize to the Weapons you already know about Legends.   

Fans can rest easy knowing that there are dozens of bug fixes available with the Emergence update, as well as a new quality of life changes that will improve the gaming experience.   

Many other changes are listed in the official EA patch notes for the game, including bug fixes and developer notes. Still, many of the changes detailed here are minor changes to the significant changes that happen in Arena, including the price of many weapons. 

For a full listing of patch notes, including weapon changes, see the Respawn blog post.   

Fuse now has a buff that reveals when an enemy is stuck in the Ring of Fire, and its tactical double duration is slightly more helpful. When an enemy gets into the ring of fire, Fuse has the motherlode of ultimate revelations on his team.   


There is a lot to shake up in the current meta, and it will be interesting to see what changes take shape once the players have their hands on the new update.   

We are still waiting for the official patch notes for the promotion season, but it looks like they will bring many changes to Apex. 

Suppose you want to know all the changes coming to Apex Legends this season, including price adjustments in EVA 8 Arena and weapon fix changes. In that case, you might want to check out the Apex Legends landing page for a deeper look at the upcoming update.   

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