Antony Blinken The Defender of Global Alliances Choose by Biden, As Secretary of State

We have Antony J. Blinken the defender of global alliance and he is one of the President elect Biden’s foreign policy advisers is likely to get nominated for the post of secretary of state, which is job where in he would try to coalesce skeptical international partner getting in a new competition with China.

The former deputy secretary of state Blinken is 58 years old and was under the president Barrack Obama, began his career cycle at the State Department during the Clinton administration.

The extensive foreign policy matter are expected to be helpful to calm and mild the US diplomats and the global leaders to make them align after the four years of Trump Administration.

Jake Sullivan the another close aide of Biden is expected to get the position as National Security adviser, as per the person who is familiar with the process.

Sullivan is a 43 old served with the head of Policy planning at the state department is under Hillary Clinton and have now become her closest strategic adviser.

And when the Blinken was posted as the secretary of state under Obama’s term, we saw Sullivan succussed him who the Biden the Vice President as the National Security adviser.

Biden and Sullivan have been the best of friends and together have a common worldwide view of everything, is the trust worthy person for Biden and a voice on foreign policy matters.

They both were also behind the attack on President Trump’s use of the words “America First” as the principle, as it will disunite US with the other nations and will create opportunities and vacuums for the Advisers.

Biden is busy announcing the nominations despite Trump’s continuous attempt to push and over turn the election result. As per the news the Republican are calling off trump to accept and begin the official transition process.


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