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Assault! How Can Humanity Steep So Low? This Time A 16 Year Old In Rhode Island... - The Tech Education
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Another Case Of Sexual Assault! How Can Humanity Steep So Low? This Time A 16 Year Old In Rhode Island…

What Is Happening In The Society?

The incident took place in Rhode Island, eight men charged for allegedly raping a 16 years old girl who was drugged at the party.

Furthermore, she told her mother that she remembers someone holding her waist, but her mother came to know about this incident when a video of her went viral on Facebook. The police have finally arrested these men. How brutal can someone be?

Where are the girls safe? She only went to the party, but she never thought that something heinous is coming on her way.

Source: nydailynews.com

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is the evil crime that happens with almost every third woman out there. It is an act of touching people without their actual consent or force to do some sexual activity. It involves rape, groping, child sexual abuse, or the torture of that person sexually.

People react to it by saying that not only women are sexually abused but, men also witness it. I want to add here that no matter who so ever gender face it. Sexual assault and rape must stop.

Source: bostonglobe.com


Rape is having sexual intercourse with the person without his/her consent. It involves physical force, abuse of authority, or when a person is not in a state of giving consent, basically when he/she is drunk.

Sex Education Is Important…..

Sex education is the only solution for all kinds of sexual assault that take place. When we give children sex education and talk with them freely about all the biological changes, this will help them destroy the unwanted curiosity of the teenagers. Also, when you speak with your children about the changes he/she will learn it without any evil thoughts.

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