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ka, 48, o7o, 1qi, 1, yy, Angelina Jolie Fails To Remove Judge From Brad Pitt Divorce Case -
Brad and Angelina
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Angelina Jolie Fails To Remove Judge From Brad Pitt Divorce Case

Brad and Angelina
Source: Geo.tv

According to xdigitalnews.com Angelina Jolie has failed to remove Judge John W. Ouderkirk from her divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt.

On Friday, ‘Us Weekly‘ got the court documents which states that the case is assigned, for all purposes, to Honorable Judge W. Ouderkirk (Ret.).

One insider also confirmed that Ouderkirk would preside over the case while the actors prepare for their custody hearing.

In August, Jolie posed allegations that the judge did not disclose “ongoing business and professional relationships” with Pitt’s legal team.

She thereby asked for Ouderkirk to step down from their divorce case.

Angelina said that she was not allowed to raise a concern on the given matter.

She adds that “These are precisely the type of repeat customer circumstances that create doubts about a privately-compensated private judge’s ability to remain impartial.”

Pitt, however, insisted that there was “well-documented history” between the judge and the actors.

In fact, Ouderkirk was the officiator of their wedding in 2014.

How Did Brad Pitt And His Team Take The Matter Of Angelina’s Filing? Did Angelina Provide An Explanation For The Same?

Source: Daily News

Pitt’s legal team went ahead and bashed Jolie on account of pushing for delay in their divorce battle.

They believe that Jolie’s filing is merely her attempt at delaying the judgement.

Pitt also worries about how the continued pressure on delays will affect the children.

Pitt’s legal team’s report also adds that Jolie’s team knew the judge first.

Jolie did retaliate on Pitt and his legal team’s allegations.

Through her own legal representative, she makes it clear that all she wants is a ‘fair trial’.

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Jolie’s lawyer adds that the process will be trusted by litigants only if “transparency and impartiality” are ensured.

The report also adds a comment from Neama Rahmani.

She believes that Judge Ouderkirk is ‘biased in Brad’s favour’ for their personal connections.

What Was Judge Ouderkirk’s Reaction On The Matter?

Source: ARC 4 ADR

Ouderkirk claims, “The Objection to my continued service does not change my ability to objectively view and evaluate the evidence presented by both sides and apply the law impartially,”

He notes that the ‘Maleficent’ actress had failed to provide any evidence of bias in the case.

After Jolie filed against Ouderkirk, an insider told ‘Us’ that Pitt thought his ex had gone too far.

He felt like the one option that he had was to fight back — “hard.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had first split in the year 2016. This effectively broke their two-year-long marriage and their twelve-year relationship.

The exes share six children, namely Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne.

What Lies Ahead For Brad And Angelina?

On October 5th, Angelina and Brad will begin their private custody trial. They will then meet again in court in December for another hearing.

A source tells ‘Us’ that Pitt is now asking for joint physical and legal custody of the kids. He doesn’t want Angelina to have the freedom to take the children anywhere without his permission.

However, the actress will only allow for the same if the children won’t have LA as their home address.

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