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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: Is Jolie Trying To Delay The Divorce Proceedings? Well That Is What Brad Pitt Thinks! Read More..

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have separated way back in 2016. But their divorce proceedings are still ongoing and there are speculations that Jolie is trying to delay their divorce. But why?

Is Angelina Jolie Trying To Stop The Divorce Proceedings?

Well we know that the most loved couple of Hollywood called it quits in 2016. Pitt and Jolie who were fondly called ‘Bradangelina’ separated from each other after being blessed with six children together. And their divorce proceedings are on the go.

Angelina Jolie
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But recently we could see that Jolie has been trying to delay the divorce proceedings by pointing out certain loopholes. And we are saying this after the last week’s incident when Jolie requested that the judge associated with their case has to be removed.

To which she stated the reason that the judge John W. Ouderkirk is associated with Pitt’s attorney Anne C. Kiley. And therefore called it quite unfair because a judge needs to be neutral. So in this case the judge is somehow associated with Brad Pitt and hence he should be removed. Jolie also said that it was wrong from their part to not reveal Ouderkirk’s association with Pitt’s attorney.

Therefore after her complaint, the divorce proceedings have been postponed. And Pitt is not happy about that and said that Jolie is intentionally trying to delay the divorce.

Thus he submitted new documents in the court accusing Jolie of trying to cause hindrance in the divorce proceedings. And he also stated that the judge’s personal relation with someone has nothing to do in the legal proceedings. Therefore Jolie’s request is not at all justified.

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Their divorce proceedings has been going on since 2016. It became a lengthy legal battle because of the custody related issues involving the children.

Parenting After Separation

In spite of their legal battles and personal issues they made sure that they leave no stones unturned when is comes to parenting. Therefore both Pitt and Jolie try their best to be there for the children.

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Presently the children are staying with their mother and thus Pitt makes sure that he visits them quite often. Even during the quarantine period Pitt regularly visited his children and spent time with them.

So we don’t know that how stretchy Jolie and Pitt’s divorce is going to be. Let us wait for the final decision on whether her plea to remove the judge has been accepted or not.

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