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America To Buy Tiktok Or Ban Tiktok? Trump Denies Extension!

On Thursday, President Trump addressed the situation regarding TikTok’s being banned in America. Trump announced that he would not extend the deadline for the company to make a decision. Bytedance is a Chinese company which has created a short video app tiktok.

When Trump was leaving for Michigan, he told the media about the ultimatum he has decided for the company. Furthermore, he says that the company would either sell it’s ownership to America or would shut it down completely. The deadline date was set on September 15. The Chinese company have to come to a conclusion till the deadline date. Trump do not have any intention to extend the ultimatum.

The company has not yet sent any messages to America. Nor have they come to a conclusion. However, reports mention that Bytedance is looking for a prospective buyer to sell the key software of tiktok app. Now, tiktok app was something that became a hit among the teenagers overnight. Teenagers used to make a short video for fun but soon it became a career for some. They used to then call themselves tiktokers.

Trump Gets Senator’s Support!

It is also said that most of the users of this app were based in India and America. Also, the republic senator Josh Hawley is a very close ally to President Trump. Reportedly, Hawley took sides of the President’s decision. And further said that he also rejects the thought of extension.

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“I’m sure there is any number of backdoor that are built into the code. And of course, ByteDance knows exactly what they are, so there needs to be a clean, clear, total separation,” Hawley said.

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Also, India was the first country ever to ban tiktok. Not only did it banned one Chinese app but India shut down 100 more such apps. The US officials extended their appreciation of India’s decision. And they say they look forward to doing the same.

Let’s see what is the outcome of the TikTok reports. Stay tuned!


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