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Amber Rose And Alexander Edwards: Video Call Of Slash With Sebastian Shows The Love Between The Siblings!

Slashdot Electric Alexander Edwards is the son of Amber Rose and her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards. However, the MUVA shared a picture on her Instagram story.

In the picture, her elder son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz and Younger son, Slash Electric were on a video call. The brothers exchanged smiles.

Moreover, Sebastian was on a casual black T-shirt. The feminist captioned the picture as ” They can’t get enough of each other”.

Source Instagram

Father Son Love

Addition to this, Amber shared another 30 seconds video. Alexander was holding his son on his arms and was teaching him how to raise a hand.

Source Instagram

At the end of the video, when baby Slash reciprocated to his father, the couple shouted, “Yay!!”. However, AE was looking stunning with his toned triceps.

Source Instagram

Amber Rose has two babies. Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is from Wiz Khalifa, her ex-husband. Her second baby, Slash Electric, is from her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards.

However, Amidst the Pandemic, AE and the Feminist could be Spotted co-parenting baby Slash together.

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