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Writes A Heartfelt Note Dedicated To Her Late Mother Paige Who Passed Away In May This Year - The Tech Education
Amber Heard
Source: Daily Mail
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Amber Heard Writes A Heartfelt Note Dedicated To Her Late Mother Paige Who Passed Away In May This Year

Amber Heard lost her mother Paige in May 2020. The actor recently wrote an emotional note for her late mother on her first birthday after demise.

Amber Heard Pens An Emotional Note For Her Late Mother

The Aquaman actress on Saturday posted a heartfelt note for her late mother on Instagram. Actually she posted a picture where she is seen leaning on the shoulder of her girlfriend Bianca as they were sitting by her late mother’s memorial.

In the caption she penned a heartfelt note dedicated to her 63 year old mother. So through her caption she revealed that it was her mother’s birthday on October 2nd, i.e. Friday. And she also stated that it was really hard for her to digest the fact that her mother is not with her anymore.

Amber Heard
Source: Instagram

She also said that how much she wanted to wish her mother on her 64th birthday. Thus with this emotional note she penned down all her feelings. And revealed that how much she misses her mother everyday. Moreover Heard has been going through a lot this year. From losing her mother to fighting all the legal battles with her ex husband Johnny Depp.

So from her Instagram post one thing is clear that her girlfriend Bianca Butti is always by her side through all thick and thin. Therefore she chose to post a picture with her as she paid a tribute to her late mother.

Legal Battle With Johnny Depp

We are all aware about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal battle. It all started when a magazine accused Depp of being a wife beater and that is when he decided to sue the magazine.

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Amber Heard
Source: Getty Images

During the court hearings many shocking details were revealed about Heard and Johnny’s abusive marriage. The ex flames accused each other of domestic violence. But this was not the end. Another legal battle is awaiting Amber Heard.

As Depp has already filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her. The hearing has been pushed to May 2021.

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