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Amber Heard And Johnny Depp: Are They Really Mad? Was The Whole Case Just A Publicity Stunt? What Do You Think….

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp, are on fire on the case they have been fighting. The verdict of Piers Morgan has driven everyone crazy.

Well, we are bound to call this couple a mad duo. Want to know Why? All your queries will be answered in this article.

Piers Morgan Verdict: Both Are Mad…

All of you might be very curious to know that this verdict says. Also, You might be having butterflies in your stomach to know what the court thinks about those couples. Uniquely, This couple has been long indulged in a cat’s fight.

So, feeding your curiosity, this long-running controversy is no more tolerable by the court. Even, The Verdict by Piers Morgan has shocked the world.

Source: Dailymail

Furthermore, It says that Amber Heard And Johnny Depp are an abusive, self-obsessed, and destructive duo living in a diabolical bubble of Hollywood Bullsh*t, neither of whom deserve a slither of our sympathy.

A Stupid Case: With Two Mad People Fighting

Amber and Johnny Depp have been throwing a lot of allegations at each other’s faces.

Also, The Sun’s magazine called Depp a “wife-beater” that outraged him so much that he is suing libel for it.

Besides, the lady calls her a victim of domestic violence. In this case, every new member jumping in and giving their views about the couple.

Source: Geo.tv

None of the people calls the couple normal. One says the lady is self-obsessed while the other calls Johnny a violent creature molesting his wife.

This case is a never-ending race with two people running to prove each other wrong. With new allegations coming each day.

The Crisp

We all have been trying to jump on our own verdicts seeing this case running from 16 days. Moreover, This case has totally consumed our minds.  Only the court has enough brains to tolerate this shocking litany of allegations.

Though, We have no idea where the truth is lying but, The poor judge is left to work out on this ugly case.


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