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zst, zfr, l, kq, tc, gi, dp, rbg, j, 1, l, Amber Heard And Her Emotional Tribute To Her Late Mother Paige !
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Amber Heard And Her Emotional Tribute To Her Late Mother. Fans Sends Wishes!

Amber Heard, the woman who loves horses. That’s how she wants the world to know about her. Amber Heard is been entangled in a legal case with Johnny Depp for a long time. And the actress recently in may earlier this year announced the loss of her mother. Her mother Paige, died in May 2020, the reason to which stays unknown till date. And needless to say the year has been very tough for the lady. But coming back to the main part, the actress took to Instagram to wish her mother on her birthday. It would be her mother’s 64th birthday on Friday if she was still with her daughter.

However, the Aquaman actress reached out to her mother in heaven from Instagram. She posted a very heartfelt, emotional message on social media. The actress also shared a photo of her and her best friend Bianca Butti, looking at a small memoir picture of Amber’s mother.

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Amber Paying Tribute Which Was So Emotional!

Furthermore, penning down on Instagram she said that it was her mother’s birthday on Friday and people say that the first one is the hardest. And she hopes that it is true what they say because that’s how hard it has been for her. Continuing more she said that her mother is not here but nevertheless she would miss her less or miss saying her Happy Birthday.

In the photo that Amber posted, she wore a pure white linen shirt and paired it with army green pants. Keeping her beautiful blonde hair in a braided bun at the back. Sharing other such photos wrapped around her best friend the actress shared her grief.

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Initially, she shared the heartbreaking news in May and announced it through social media again. Mentioning how much painful it is and how devastation is gathering around us. Telling more, that her mother went too soon. The actress is seen spending the lockdown pandemic with her father David and also riding on horseback. We wish the family strength and love.

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