Amanda Kloots
Source: Daily Mail
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Amanda Kloots: Late Actor Nick Cordero’s Wife Talks About Struggles Of Single Parenting, As She Revisits His Memories

Amanda Kloots lost her husband actor Nick Cordero in July this year. As he succumbed to corona virus. And now Kloots has been trying her best to up cope up from this grief and raise their only son single handedly.

How Struggling It Is For Amanda Kloots To Raise Their Son All Alone?

Nick Cordero’s tragic demise has shattered Kloots. And she has been trying to cope with with the fact that he is no more. But on the other hand she has also portrayed immense strength because she has not let this grief affect her in raising their only son.

Amanda Kloots
Source: Daily Mail

After his death, Kloots has been an amazing mother to their 15 months old toddler Elvis Edurado. Recently she took to Instagram to talk about her struggle in raising their son in the absence of Nick.

Her Instagram Post

Kloots took to Instagram to talk about how she is struggling to raise her son Elvis. As she posted pictures inside Nick’s dressing room,revisiting his old memories. So in her post she spoke her heart about the things she is experiencing presently as a single mother.

The 37 year old physical trainer said that it gets really hectic for her to manage her work as well as looking after her son all by herself. As she went on saying, she spoke about the days when she actually feels quite low. And gets demotivated because she feels that she won’t be able to manage work and parenting together.

Amanda  Kloots
Source: Daily Mail

But Kloots also talked about how she gathers up all her strength and tries to get rid of her negative thoughts. So basically she shared about the ups and downs she has been undergoing after Nick’s demise.

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She also motivated all single mothers on not to lose hope. Because at the end of the day everything is manageable. Kloots also said that even though Nick is not physically present with them,  she tries to keep him alive in every way possible.

And maybe that is the reason Kloots always makes sure that she revisits every old memories associated with Nick. Therefore she visited his old dressing room and shared some snaps of it.

She is really an inspiration for all the single mothers who are struggling to raise their children without any helping hand.

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