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Alleged Man Loses Job For Writing Racial Discriminatory Typographies On His Truck’s Back Window

A man lost his job as he was spotted driving around Lincoln with “Fuck The N——s” written on the truck’s back window.

Who Is The Real Culprit?

The truck owner is the alleged man behind the written message. However, he denies taking the blame on his name.

According to Cordis, the truck owner it wasn’t he who wrote the comment on the truck. Cordis, on Sunday, drove his truck to Gateway Mall near 61st and O streets at around 5 p.m. He was inside the mall for about 20 minutes. He found the message written on his truck after he came out.

Cordis said that he did not file a report of vandalism at the Lincoln Police Department. There was a car wash three blocks away. He straight away drove his truck there to get the message washed off.

The window had a racial slur.


The Rage Is Serious

Cordis is receiving death threats ever since his name and address became public. A Stromsburg woman also received threats. She reportedly has a 15-month-old child with Cordis.  Although, the woman has denied having any kind of relationship with Cordis, and has requested to leave her child alone.

Cordis believes that the activity was done to add his legal troubles. He is awaiting trial in Fillmore Country District Country. There are felony charges of operating a large marijuana growing operation, and possession of a firearm on him.

People expressed their rage on various social media platforms, using #blacklivesmatter. However, Cordis defined vandal activity as stupid and has a belief that all lives matter.

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