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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Release Date Status on Netflix, Cast Change, Plot Theories, and More

alice in borderland season 2

alice in borderland season 2

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Alice in Borderland’ is set in a dystopian Tokyo and follows Ryhei Arisu and his friends as they unintentionally become involved in a series of games that puts their lives in danger.

With no other option except to die, Arisu and his companions become players to ensure their survival.

The Japanese series, which appears to be inspired by the essence of ‘Alice in Borderland,’ follows Arisu and the party as they attempt to win the games and escape the city alive.

The sci-fi show, directed by Shinsuke Sat, garnered 18 million household views in its first 28 days, quickly becoming one of the platform’s most popular Asian shows.

When it began in December 2020, the series gained widespread critical acclaim. It has received critical acclaim for its aesthetic appeal, editing, and casting.

With the season 1 ending hinting at the show’s potential continuance, fans eagerly await information on a sophomore season. On that subject, here is all the information you need to know!

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Renewal Status of Alice in Borderland Season 2 on Netflix

Just two weeks after Alice in Borderland premiered worldwide, Netflix announced the series’s immediate renewal (on Christmas Eve, no less) as an early Christmas present. The news was made via several Netflix social media pages worldwide.

The series appears to be one of the few that has crossed boundaries and established a presence in other countries.

When will the second season of Alice in Borderland premiere on Netflix?

Initially, fans speculated on a 2021 release date based on possible easter eggs revealed in the last moments of season 1. While the blimps soared overhead, numerous buildings displayed advertisements for 2021, although the show’s comeback in 2021 was always exceedingly doubtful (if not impossible).

According to the production company’s website, Filming began in mid-July, which advertised for extras. According to their website, filming for season 2 would not conclude until late December 2021.

Season 2 was announced for December 2022 at the Netflix Festival Japan in November 2021.

What Could the Alice in Borderland Season 2 Plot Be About?

The first season of ‘Alice in Borderland’ concludes with a probable finale to the number card games, as the contestants play “the Witch Hunt” on a “Ten of Hearts” difficulty level.

Players are urged to locate Momoka’s killer and toss them into the blaze to win and survive the game. Arisu is rescued by a group of players led by Usagi. He then informs them that Momoka committed suicide before the game’s commencement.

The surviving players win the game by igniting Momoka, and Chishiya collects the card. They learn that those who organize the games are also visa seekers as the game progresses.

While the survivors are bewildered, a woman named Mira enters and introduces them to a new series of games that require them to acquire face cards.

The second season may begin with Mira’s new set of games. We can anticipate them being more audacious and savage than those from the first season.

With Mira’s identity as the true gamemaster established, we may discover more about the games’ history and purpose. In that case, we may anticipate the second season delving farther into the ludicrous and human realms.

Season 2 may reveal what happens to players who live until the end of the game. As long as this uncertainty haunts both gamers and viewers, we may find answers in the sequel.

Arisu and Usagi’s connection may also strengthen as they continue to look out for one another. We hope Arisu does not have to say goodbye to Usagi, as this would likely exacerbate his previous trauma, given that he has lost his buddies in the first season.

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Recap of Alice In Borderland Season One

How about a summary of the first season? Arisu and his friends evade the most lethal final game, ‘the witch hunt.’ They are tasked with locating the slaughter hiding among them, similar to the game ‘Among Us.’

However, they had no idea that things were getting started once they finished the last game.

However, as Arisu and his companions approach a room, they are addressed by a woman on a giant screen. She asserts that they have won all of the games thus far and wish to present a gift to the remaining participants.

Arisu and his companions believed their presence would return to the original world, but this was not the case.

The woman on the television says, in a psychotic tone, ‘There will be new games,’ and I’m sure you’re able to deduce what she’s referring to. Other games, additional deaths!

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Trailer

Check out the season 1 trailer below:

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