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A Brief Look Into Alexa Vega And Her Relationships And Who Is She With Now?

Alexa Vega born on August 27, 1988, is an American actress and a singer. Most of us know her as Carmen Cortez from the movie series Spy Kids.

Her Career

Alexa Vega
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Vega’s home town is in Miami, Florida but she later moved to California with her parents and siblings.

She got her break with The Spy kids movie and later went onto act in many other movies like Sleepover, State’s Evidence, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Remember the Daze and more.

She gave her hand in music and dance too by recording songs for her movies Spy kids, Repo! The Genetic Opera and Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

She danced on the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars and came on 6th place.


Alexa Vega
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Now when it comes to her relationships, Vega is careful with it. There hasn’t been much to say about it as it looks like she has only been in three relationships so far and she married two in them.

Vega got married to Sean Covel, an American film producer in 2010 which unfortunately ended in 2012  citing irreconcilable differences and the high age difference may be a factor too.

There was a rumour after that that Vega is maybe seeing Ronnie Radke.

But just 18 months from the split from Sean Covel, Alexa got married to Carlos Pena best known for his role in Big Time Rush and have two kids together named Ocean King and Kingston James.

The couple is living happily with their two children, and as a token of their love, they even joined their last names, and now both of them goes byMr and Mrs PenaVega.

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