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Akon Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Salary, Age, Height, Wife, House & Properties

akon net worth

akon net worth

Akon is a successful rapper, singer, and businessman. How much money does Akon have? Read this article to find out about his life, his work, and how he became so successful.

Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, who is from Senegal and goes by the stage name Akon, is an American singer, songwriter, businessman, record producer, and actor. After “Locked Up,” the first single from his first album Trouble, came out in 2004, he became well-known.

Trouble, Akon’s first album, came out in 2004. The album sold 1.6 million copies in the US and was number three on the R&B charts there. It was number one in the UK.

Akon: Net Worth 2022

Aliaune Thiam has a net worth of $60 million. He is better known as the R&B singer Akon. Akon is one of the most well-known people in music. He has gone beyond hip-hop to become one of the most important people in the entertainment business. Akon has been successful both as a solo artist and as an entrepreneur in the music business. He has started two successful record labels.

Akon: Early Life Details

Akon was born on April 16, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri. He spent a lot of his childhood in Senegal, an African country that he calls “home.”Akon learned to play drums, guitar, and the djembe, among other things.

At age 7, Akon moved to New Jersey with his family. When he was a teenager, he had a hard time getting along with other kids. When he and his older brother were in high school, his parents sent them to Jersey City to living on their own.

Akon: Personal Life Details

People say that Akon is married to four different women, but this is debatable, and the real number of his wives has never been confirmed. He also has dating relationships with a few other women. What is the number of Akon’s wives? The truth is that Akon is only legally married to one woman, and her name is Tomeka Thiam.

He only has two kids with her. All of Akon’s kids should be around six. He was engaged to the model Rachel Richfield, with whom he had a close relationship. It was said that she would be his fourth wife. In 2007, she broke up with him, and she finally told him why she did it.

Akon: Career Details

Akon started making music when he put out his first album, “Trouble,” in 2004. The album was a big hit and gave rise to several hit singles, including “Locked Up,” “Bananza,” “Ghetto,” and “Lonely.”

After his first album did very well, he started his own record labels called “Kon Live Distribution” and “Konvict Muzik.”

His album “Konvicted” made him even more popular by giving him several singles that topped the charts. Multiple platinum certificates were given to the album, which broke many records. Stars like Eminem and Snoop Dogg made guest appearances on ‘Konvicted,’ as well.

Akon has worked with Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, and Gwen Stafani, all of whom are well-known music stars. Akon helped write Lady Gaga’s first single, “Just Dance.” He also sang a duet with Michael Jackson called “Hold My Hand.”

“Stadium,” Akon’s fourth album, came out in 2015. The album came out in five different styles (Euro, Pop, Urban, Island, and World).

In 2016, he was on the Chinese reality TV show “I Am a Singer” with Jeff Chang. Akon also started the Konfidence Foundation. Its main goal is to give young people in Africa and the US more power.

Favorite Quotes By Akon

“Whatever obstacle comes your way, you gotta be prepared to jump over it! And I think that’s what separates the legends from the regular artists. It’s all in how you manage that success, and how you deal with the controversy when it actually comes.” 

“That’s my actual payment, the fact that I can actually make something that I actually enjoy and put on repeat, and it’s not related to anything else or anyone else’s thoughts and ideas, it all came from me; I just love that aspect of it.

“I always felt like if you get to a point where you’ve got enough money to invest in something real, you gotta invest in anything that’s related to a natural resource because that’s gonna be here forever – so you might as well invest in something that’s gonna be here, rather than invest in something that’s gonna wear out.” 

“Any album that you pick up of mine, you know it’s an Akon album. The guests are very limited, and you get to really feel the experience. You get the Akon experience when you get the albums. I always want to make sure that stays the way it is. Don’t want to flood the album to where you lose focus on why you bought it.” 

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