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After Five Years Of Marriage, Woman Fells Out Of Love

After Five Years Of Marriage, Woman Fells Out Of Love

After five years of marriage, the woman fells out of love. The 32-year old woman started having some attraction towards a woman at her workplace. The two have taken up a professional development course together along with the other employees of that organization.

Firstly, the 32-year old lady found the other one pretty attractive. She used to get nervous whenever she found the other woman around her and even before their classes. Sometimes, she even used to get butterflies in her stomach on seeing her. She just could not stop thinking about her.

With each passing day, she realized that she cannot suppress her feelings for that woman anymore. At the same time, she was full of doubts and thoughts regarding herself. She even got confused over the whole thing.

The lady completely drew herself from everything for months and kept questioning herself that why such a thing was happening to her. She also thought that if she was gay in her whole life and she just didn’t even realize that. She could never have imagined having feelings for anyone other than her husband.

Her husband was a very good companion and best friend for  9 years. And also they were happily married for the last five years.


The 32-year old woman’s childhood was a bit different as compared to other girls of that time. She loved sports and she was also was surrounded by something or the other related to sports. Like, she always used to play outdoor games like football or volleyball with the boys. If not, then she used to read a sports magazine or articles.

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The lady figured out everything in her life like but she doubts that the only fact that she never realized that she was gay. She did not have any boyfriends in her school life but had flings in her college life.

In her twenties, she met a handsome, kind, and honest person whom she liked also. Sports was their common interest. After 3 years of dating, the man proposed her and she was also very excited about stepping into her new relationship.

Confessed Her Feelings For A Woman To Her Husband After Five Years Of Marriage

She found herself in a devastating situation in between love and loyalty. Finally, after a few more days, she decided to confess everything about the woman to her husband. She also said that she has been planning to leave him and start her new life with whom she loves. Then they ultimately decided what they were gonna do.

Firstly, she decided not to leave and as the woman, she was interested, was in a committed relationship. Hence, she decided to put an end to the topic. But, after moving to a different city she hurt her back. And she found her therapist attractive and started catching feelings for her. Again the same thing happened, her second crush was not interested in her.

Then she took the decision to end her marriage. After coming out from all her relationships, she decided to support gay women. The journey was not really easy and she felt many hardships in between to find what she needed.

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