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A Police Officer Was Spotted Breastfeeding A Rescued Infant! What Made Her Do So?

A Colombian female police officer (Heidy Jaramillo Vega) is in LimeLight after she breastfeeds a newborn baby. However, the baby had been rescued after being kidnapped.

The police officer ears are striking with praises right now. The infant’s plight hit her hard, and she was heartbroken. However, she was eager to help the baby.

Source Real press

The baby was only eight days old. However, they got freed on Sunday. Heidy Jaramillo Vega, the office looked after the baby until she could be handed back to her parents.

Eight Day Old Baby Kidnapped!

The eighth-day-year-old in front got stolen in the Northern Colombian City of Cartagena de Indias. The baby was stolen by a woman who says police that she wanted to have a baby of her own.
Moreover, it didn’t take much time to identify the kidnapper and rescue the newborn baby. Both happened on the same day.

Source Real Press

35-year-old metropolitan police officer, Vega claimed that “The situation broke my heart. I was eager to help, but also had mixed emotions of sorrow and joy. I have never had an experience like this before in my career.”

However, Vega has a 6-month-old daughter as well. She has been in the same occupation for 11 years.

She could feel that the baby is in despair, and fear of detachment could be spotted in the baby’s eye. According to Vega, baby E has to be hungry. Therefore, she helped and cuddled her in her arms. Moreover, breastfeed as well.

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