A New Facebook News Tab is starting To Roll Out In The United States


Facebook began testing a new home Program today called Facebook News.

“We want to support both.”

(Why you would do this, instead of just using the publisher’s app, escapes me)

The Business would not disclose how many publishers are Participating at start, saying it’s adding new ones all the time. They are a mix of topical information, news that is local, news, and information from publishers serving diverse communities.

To qualify for inclusion, publishers will need to enroll as news pages and stick to the firm’s writer guidelines.

At Precisely the Same time, Facebook has a long history Of broken promises with publishers.


(The major difference this time around is that information will continue to appear in the News Feed; Facebook News is as well as your normal Facebook news diet.)

The big question is Whether people will bother tapping on the new tab to begin with. Facebook is a bit of a junk drawer, filled. With countless users, getting even a small percentage of individuals to tap on Facebook News could represent a large audience.

However, because Facebook News may seem redundant to News Feed users, it’s unclear that they’ll.

I’m hopeful.

Now to see an Audience shows up for this.

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