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8, 6, k, lc, a, q, A CNN Poll Of Debate Reveals That Six Out Of Ten Voters Prefers Joe
Joe Biden
Source: CNN

A CNN Poll Of Debate Reveals That Six Out Of Ten Voters Prefers Joe Biden Over Donald Trump

A CNN Poll Of Debate Reveals That Six Out Of Ten Voters Prefers Joe Biden Over Donald Trump

On September 29, a CNN poll of the debate was conducted by SSRS by telephone. The post-debate CNN poll includes 568 registered voters ( 39% Democrats and 25% Republicans) who watched the debate. Also, most of the voters were non-partisans rather than Americans. 36% were identified as independents or non-partisans compared with around 40% in the general public. About six voters out of 10 prefer Joe Biden as their president over Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden
Source: CNN

63% voters watched the debate and said that Joe Biden would have better plans to solve the country’s affairs. 

Also, 56% of the voters said that Biden would do a better job, whereas just 43% said that Trump would perform his job. After the debate was conducted, more than half of the voters said that Biden’s words were more trustworthy than Trump’s. About 69% of the voters marked Biden’s attack on Trump fair, while just 32% said that Trump’s attacks were fair.

In 2016, Clinton won 62% in the debate, and Trump got just 27%. This years poll result is quite similar to that of 2016. 

The Former President, Joe Biden has bigger chances to win the 2020 Presidential Election over President Donald Trump. As on all the aspects, Biden has an advantage over Trump. In some cases, voters trusted Biden and not Trump. Those are as follows: 

  • Racial inequality (66% trust Biden more, 29% Trump)
  • Health care (66% Biden to 32% Trump)
  • The coronavirus outbreak (64% Biden to 34% Trump) 
  • Supreme Court nominations (54% Biden to 43% Trump).


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