Black Man And The Old Lady
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A Black Man Was Abused By A Clerk At Gas Station Who Said The N-Word: In Return He Trashes The Store

A Black Man was abused by a white old clerk. However, this incident took place in Texas. Whereat gas station, a clerk abused the man by using the N-word on him. The report says that the black man belonged to a different state. The video showed an immense verbal fight between the man and the white old lady.

Black Customer And The Old Clerk Lady

The incident took place at Circle K during midnight at Cypress. Meanwhile, The report said the black man who came as a customer was already in a bad mood. The old lady said that he came to by tobacco from the store.

The video showed a lot of things about the fight. In the video, the lady asked the man for his ID and also told him to remove his mask. But she had already planned to not give the commodity. The report says that he had an ID of Nebraska. This is how the verbally abusive fight began in the store.

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Black Man Lost His Temper

The man lost his temper and began to yell at the white old lady. She was standing behind the counter. The man told her that he would pop her and then continued to accuse her of calling him the N-Word. The Black Man’s temper rose again and in anger, he started to throw the items which were kept in the store.

The White Old Lady Abused The Black Man With A N-Word

The white old lady told him to leave the store and while the man was walking out she then called him a F*****g N****r. The report said that there was no big trouble and no sign of and physical harm to anyone. The Circle K authorities also didn’t respond to any queries.

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The white old lady didn’t call the police. This video has become another proof of racial discrimination in the country of America.


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