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A 14-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped And Again Demanded Sex By A Citizen Who Offered Her A Lift

A 14-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped And Again Demanded Sex By A Citizen Who Offered Her A Lift

As per the local media reports, a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by four men. The incident took place at a party in Xativa, Valencia, Spain on September 26. The police arrested the six accused men after two days of the alleged rape.

The four adult men are to remain in police custody before the start of their trial

The alleged rape was reported by the 14-year-old ‘sold’s mother after the girl informed her friend about it. 

According to local newspaper El Levente El Mercantil Valenciano, the man who dropped her at the party also demanded sex from her. The man said that he would give her a lift if she agrees to have sex with him. The local media said that the man claimed the girl consented to sex with him. In Spain, the age of consent is 16. 

The girl was allegedly raped at a party in Spain

Police arrested six unnamed men from the party who were involved in the crime. The party in Xativa had alcohol, and it was attended by people between the age group 18 to 25 years. 15 to 20 people participated in the party, and a few teenagers were also present there.

Police arrested six men in conjunction with the alleged crime

 Among the accused, a teenager was also involved in the gang rape. Although, ages of the accused men have not been released to the media. 

However, the underaged boy was released after some inquiries by the police. He was released because he had no active role in the alleged rape. But, the under aged was charged with failure in the duty to assist. He already gave a statement on the rape to the Spanish Civil Guard. And he is also expected to provide another statement to the District Attorney’s Office for Minors.

After the statement, it will be determined whether the under aged accused will be kept in custody or released before the trial begins in the court of justice. 

On October 3 in Ontinyent, the Judge investigating the crime ordered to keep the four suspects of the alleged rape to be sent into preventative custody. A date has also not been specified for the trial of the convicts of the alleged rape.

Also, as per the Spanish law which came into force in July 2015 states that a person must be 16 years before they are legally able to give consent to sex.




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