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‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s Divorce Info!!

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s Divorce

After years of marital drama, 90 Day Fiance stars Ashley Smith (formerly Martson) and Jay Smith have finalized their divorce, Us Weekly confirmed Wednesday. The introductory sentence is providing background information for the material that follows

Ashley Martson, the blonde beauty from their show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, filed for divorce against her husband Jay Smith in October 2020 because he was allegedly unfaithful. An insider revealed to in touch exclusively in December of that year.

Ashley Martson called for a divorce from Jay Smith after he banged another girl, Kayla O Brien again. “Jay was with Kayla from September. They fell in love, and he asked to marry her,” said a source close to the couple.

After Jay, 23, added fuel to their trust issues by moving in with his ex-girlfriend Kayla after their relationship ended, Ashley is completely done with him.

With their divorce finalized, the founder of Pout by D&A has refiled for divorce from her estranged spouse. Ashley first filed in December after she and Jay announced their separation back in September 2019 via social media.

As for his response, the source says Jay tried filing a PFA ( Protection from Abuse ) order against Ashley after she filed for divorce because that s the only way he can stay in the U.S. The Jamaica native has always feared divorce because he knows he has no green card and can get kicked out at any time, according to the insider The whole case was dismissed by the court.

Despite the divorce, Jay is still working in Ashley’s tattoo shop, according to a source who claimed that he operates out of her storefront. She is currently trying to get the property transferred to her name since she lost a lot of money from it.

Ashley Martson filed for divorce from Jay Smith, also known as Conroy St. Christopher Smith, in January 2019 after eight months of marriage. She withdrew the paperwork two weeks later but then filed again less than a week later. In April 2019, Ashley filed for divorce from Jay.

During their separation, Jay started a relationship with Kayla. After just two months of being together, the pair broke up in January 2020. The couple revealed they ripped up their divorce documents in March

Kayla, who dated Jay after Ashley denied him sex before their marriage, defended Jay and claimed in an exclusive statement to In Touch that he was never unfaithful. Though she admitted they did not have a healthy relationship like what he had with Ashley, she said that he tried hard for her until the very end.

He sent her a long message of the reasons he was ending things, and told her he needed to go and live elsewhere. He did so as carefully as possible.

Jay is a sweetheart, she is always trying to make him out to be a bad guy. She didn’t leave him, he left her, and he was so gentle about it. He even held off on seeing me again until I’d given her time to adjust.” Also, she found out about us being back together weeks after their breakup.

Although they were estranged for a while, the couple is now working on their relationship and trying to figure out what went wrong. Their original social media post gave hints about the original breakup  nobody cheated; she was embarrassed that Jay left her so Kayla made it sound like it wasn’t anyone is fault and assured people there would be an explanation later It was her fault, and that’s the bottom line.

There is a lot of working on herself to do. Now, it seems Ashley and Jay are ready to move forward for good. Jay has signed the paperwork and the official divorce decree was completed on March 11, 2021.

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The Pennsylvania native took to Instagram on March 5 to share an update with fans on the dissolution of her marriage. If you’ve been paying attention, you might notice that I look happier and a little bit lighter- could be because the liposuction finally kicked in, or it could be because I got rid of a huge burden off

Jay Martson and Ashley Smith are divorcing. Reporting by Diana Cooper reveals the details. Reality television stars and personalities get paid — paid well might we add — to be on a show.

The focus of the story shifts from the price tag for these special individuals to how much they make per salary in return, with Jason Tartick being one example for his role on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.”

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