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7 seeds season 3: Possible Release Date And Plot

7 seeds season 3

What first has a strong resemblance to the American television series ‘Lost’ develops into an engaging and realistic examination of human interpersonal connections in a post-apocalyptic world. Adapted from a popular manga series, ‘7 Seeds’ was greatly anticipated upon its first announcement. 

Although it fell short of the high standards set by its original material, many anime watchers found it enjoyable. Netflix has also released the second season, and as a fan, I’m sure you’re wondering whether the show will ever be renewed for a third season. Thus, here is all the information you need to know regarding its renewal.

7 seeds Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘7 Seeds’, dubbed “Part 1” on Netflix, began on June 28, 2019. Despite the mixed reception, it was eventually reported that the show would return for a second season. 

The anime’s second season premiered on March 26, 2020, and, once again, its unsatisfactory conclusion left plenty of potential for a whole new season. 

Numerous people remain unexplored, and even the post-apocalyptic landscape has plenty of possibilities for fresh narrative ideas. 

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Additionally, the original ‘7 Seeds’ manga has 35 published volumes, and the anime is nowhere near completion. Thus, although the first season raced through several arcs of the manga’s first 15 volumes, a shortage of source material should surely not be a problem for the anime’s designers.

Season 3 of ‘7 Seeds’ has not been formally greenlit by Netflix. While the anime lacks the aspects that made the manga great, no one thought it would be extended for a second season. 

With its narrative and characters having progressed thus far, it is possible that ‘7 Seeds’ may return for a second season. 

And if a sequel is already in the works, we may anticipate ‘7 Seeds’ Season 3 to premiere in June 2022 or 2023. We will update this section as soon as we formally confirm its availability.

7 seeds Season 3 Plot

Before a massive meteorite collides with the earth’s surface and kills practically every living species, the world’s leaders convene and launch the ‘7 Seeds’ initiative to save humanity. 

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Five unique groups of seven healthy persons are cryogenically frozen and released into the outer world only when they have access to basic life essentials. After many years of slumber, the members of the five groups awaken that their world has changed. 

It allows them to grieve the loss of their loved ones while attempting to live in their new post-apocalyptic circumstances and coexist with the strangers that surround them.

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