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sxk, e, i3, sm, j5, 19, p1, a, zya, u, 8mk, 4s, q1, 8j, 3-Year-Old Louisiana Girl Killed In A Drive-by Shoot In Baton Rouge
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3-Year-Old Louisiana Girl Killed In A Drive-by Shoot In Baton Rouge

3-Year-Old Louisiana Girl Killed In A Drive-by Shoot In Baton Rouge


3-Year Old Girl Shot In Baton Rouge

Ibrie Combs, a 3-Year-Old Louisiana girl, was killed in a drive-in shoot on Friday night. The girl was reported to be travelling in a car along the streets of Baton Rouge. At the same time, someone in a vehicle passing-by opened fire to the vehicle. The girl got hit by the bullet and was spot-dead. The car crashed, and the driver also met an accident and was taken to a hospital. 

Baton Rouge Police 

Murphy Paul, Baton Rouge Police Chief, referred the incident as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘senseless’ Violence. 

Paul said, “Last night a beautiful life was taken in our city.” and also added that the “senseless gun violence left the department “brokenhearted” along with Ibrie’s family”.

The description of the vehicle or the shooter was not available immediately. No suspect or clue is found till Sunday morning. But as the Baton Rouge Police said, they will carry on with their investigation. Baton Rouge Police Chief, Paul says that the suspect is a native of the community. Also, the Police Chief asked that if anyone has information regarding the incident, then he or she should come up with it. 

Paul said, “The person or persons responsible for this cowardly act remain in our community, and someone knows something. If it was your loved one who died, wouldn’t you want that brave person to come forward and do the right thing.”

What Did The Mayor-President Said?

Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor-President, asked everyone in the community to pray the child’s family.

On Friday night, Sharon also tweeted, “What happened tonight is absolutely unacceptable, and my heart is heavy. The community has to honour this child’s life. If you know who did this, please contact the authorities immediately.”

The Mayor-President also offered to reward up to $5,000 for any information leading to an arrest. She said, “Violence is always unacceptable, but especially when a child is a victim. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest. You can call them anonymously at 225-344-7867. Let’s honour this child’s life: if you know something, say something.”


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