3 Ways to Download Images and Videos on Instagram the Fastest


Instagram at that time only had around 30 million users. However, being in the right hands makes Instagram able to transform into a social media giant that may now exist on every smartphone that humans use.

In the past, maybe not many people wanted to use photo and video-based social media, but with the rapid development of the internet from time to time, Instagram has become increasingly popular because it brings a different concept from social media services in general.

Ordinary people use Instagram as a medium to store memories in the form of photos / videos. In fact, not a few also use it as a promotional medium to sell, considering the Instagram market is very potential.

The features provided by Instagram itself are very abundant. Starting from the usual posts, stories, higllight, boomerang, IGTV, to video calls you can use easily and for free. However, Instagram does not provide an option to download images / videos. Of course this is unfortunate when we want to save posts in the smartphone gallery.

How to Download Pictures / Videos on Instagram

To outsmart it, this time I will share tips for saving (downloading) pictures / videos from Instagram. There are several ways that can be done, including:

Using Image Downloader (Desktop & Mobile) Site

You can find this kind of site very easily, just type ‘download instagram image’ into the search engine column and you will be presented with a variety of website choices that provide services related to keywords that you enter. I myself recommend the best site according to my personal opinion, namely:

All three are very powerful and easy to use to download Instagram images. The method itself is very easy. Next, I will use Ig Video Downloader.

First, open the photo that you want to download, copy the posting link by pressing the dot button next to the username and select ‘copy link’.

Then paste the link into the column on the site and click the ‘download’ icon next to it.

Scroll down and click the ‘download’ button below the image.


You will be directed to a new tab, then save the image. 


Using the Inst Download Application (Android)

First, install Inst Download via Play Store.

Copy the URL of the post you want to save. Open the application and click the ‘Check URL’ button. Later the image will automatically load.

Click the ‘Save Image’ button below the image.

Enter the name of the image as desired and click ‘Download’.

Besides images, this application can also be used to download videos or repost Instagram.

Take Advantage of the Screenshot FeatureThis method is fairly simple because it doesn’t require additional applications on your smartphone. Screenshot or screenshot itself can be done by all Smartphone’s using the combination of the power button + volume down. Or you can also use a 3 finger swipe down gesture. It’s just that this method requires you to crop the image after taking a picture to get perfect results.

That’s the third way to download images from Instagram. Easy right?

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