Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor during a graduation ceremony in Louisville, Ky.
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$12M For The Settlement Of Shooting The Black Woman? Here’s How Louisville Offered Settlement To Breonna Taylor ‘s Family

The City of Louisville said that they are going to provide $12m for the loss of Breonna Taylor. Breonna was black in appearance died on 13th March when a police officer killed her during the botched raid. The officer came into her apartment and shot her.

Greg Fischer Statement On Death Breonna Taylor

Greg Fischer, the mayor of the city, said that they would compensate for the loss of Breonna with $12 million to her family. The settlement money will generate through the Louisville Metro Police Department. The mayor also said that they are going to issue a search warrant to go further with the case.

Fischer said on an interview that he is very sorry for the loss of Breonna’s family. He said that his administration is moving forward with the case and they will make sure that in any circumstances, this tragedy will not happen again.

The mayor and Breonna’s family sat together, and they agreed with the settlement, but they also demanded to take actions against the officers. Of course, no specific amount can cure the pain that feels after the death of someone.

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Breonna’s Mother Statement On The Interview

Breonna’s mother ‘Tamika Palmer’, said on the same interview that it is just the beginning to get the justice for Breonna’s. She said that its time for us to move forward and put the charges against the officers who tried to kill her. She then said that at least she should deserve this much of efforts.

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Taylor’s death has now added with the end George Floyd, who was black in appearance and died in May. When a police officer kept his knee above Floyd’s neck and held it for more than 5 minutes. Later in the nearest hospital, he was announced dead. The settlement amount is enormous compare with the police who killed Benjamin Crump in the United States.

During An Interview on Tuesday, the mayor said that he would transfer the guilty officer to some most impoverished and work with the community ties and serve the other people. He also said that the officers will join a community organization, and there will be regular drug tests on them.

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